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The Mony Nop Foundation Vision

The Mony Nop Foundation envisions creating a dynamic, local Leadership Development Academy campus. We are working towards the day when teenagers and young adults gather on campus at extracurricular programs to explore what it means to become a leader in their community and to experience opportunities that provide a pathway to realizing their future potential.

Community Fundraiser April 25th 2013

Community fundraiser by Mony Nop Foundation.

Leading the Way Scholarship Awards for 2016

The Mony Nop Foundation (MNF) is pleased to announce its Leading the Way Scholarship Awards for 2016. The foundation is excited to award $7,000 to four different organizations or schools whose programs or projects align with the Mony Nop Foundation mission to support youth in the areas of arts, athletics and leadership education. The awards

Leadership Academy 2014

We at The Mony Nop Foundation enthusiastically kicked off our first official community event, Leadership Awareness Day, on April 30th, 2014 at Christensen Middle School in Livermore, CA.