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40 Hr Leadership Awareness Camp

Mony Nop Foundation is creating a leadership awareness camp for the Summer of 2017.  MNF Leadership Awareness Days Program (Current) Providing between 100 to 150 middle school students per session with a 5-hour leadership awareness program designed to introduce to young teens the concepts and values of leadership skills and opportunities when viewing the world

5 Hour Leadership Academy

The Mony Nop Foundation is hosting 5 hour leadership awareness training programs.  MNF Leadership Academy Two-Week Summer Program (Planned) Providing an in-depth, summertime leadership program serving students entering the 7th and 8th grades in the Tri-Valley region. Program goals include providing a 40-hour, on-site program focused on developing age-appropriate leadership skills and experiencing real-life partnerships

$500 Scholarship

This scholarship is for art, athletic and leadership program. MNF Camp Scholarship Program (Planned) Providing up to six scholarships per year in an amount up to $500 per recipient, the Camp Scholarship Program will support teens in attending youth programs specializing in the arts, athletics and leadership. Scholarship recipients will be required to apply for